We think of Future Search in three ways—

  • A large group planning meeting used world-wide for 30 years;
  • A theory and philosophy of facilitating that anyone can apply;
  • A strategy for changing the world one meeting at a time.

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Future Search Network (FSN) is a collaboration of hundreds of dedicated volunteers worldwide providing Future Searches (FS), and meetings based on FS principles, as a public service in communities, NGO’s and other non-profits. We do this in any culture, in any language, for whatever people can afford.

“When participants talked about what they were proud of, it was apparent that people have tried, under very difficult circumstances to improve their lives.”

I Dream of Peace – A Future Search for the Children of Southern Sudan.

A UNICEF-sponsored effort called Operation Lifeline Sudan invited children and adults to take part in a Future Search to address the crisis of losing a generation of children to the turmoil of a brutal civil war. To allow the children’s voices to be heard, the adult Future Search was preceded by a Future Search for children only. About 40 children, ages 13 – 17, (accompanied by their teachers) participated. Most of these children had suffered displacement and separation from their families as a result of the war, and some even fought in the war.

Global Influence

We are running Future Searches on all continents!

Asia – UN Development Program in Bangladesh Ending Iodine Deficiency

Africa – Preventing Violence against Children in Schools in Uganda

Europe – Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland Integrating Economic and Social Development

Australia – Western New South Wales Aboriginal People and Post High School Education

South America – FAIRWAY Filmanetos, Sao Paulo, Brazil Corporate merger of 2 Fiber Filament Manufacturing Companies

North America – 3M Plant Engineering St. Paul, MN – Union/Management Joint Planning

Controlling people never makes great things happen. I have found that applying the principles in “Lead More, Control Less” takes patience, time and imagination. The result is always rewarding and well worth the effort – Jesper Brodin, Global Head of Range and Supply, IKEA

There is a high return on this investment in human capital. It takes a lot of energy to plan but it’s worth it because of the new relationships you build, the energy unleashed, the new perspectives people get on key issues. – Brian Roberts, United Methodist Church, NJ

The values that are the foundation of Future Search should be in the heart of all leadership and groups on our precious planet. – George Bermudez, Antioch University Los Angeles, CA

Once you experience Future Search, you understand how effectively you can create a common vision, a focus, a direction and actions that help you move where you want to go and need to be. – Dick Haworth, Chairman Emeritis of Haworth Inc, a global office furniture manufacturer.

This is a never-ending journey. Whole Foods Market tries to embody all of the principles of conscious capitalism all the time …One very powerful way in which we accomplish this is through our “Future Search” process, through which we bring representatives of all of our stakeholders together every five years to think about how we can continue to grow and evolve as an organization and as an ecosystem of interconnected players. – John Mackey, Whole Foods Market Co-founder and CEO

“Considering how much time and resources we all spend in such meetings, it should actually shock us that we don’t get more of the important work done. Since it is in meetings that society confronts and resolves the many problems and issues it faces, we should pay more attention to the shape and conduct of our meetings. Because, if transformation does not take place in meetings, can we expect transformation to happen in society?” – Rolf Carriere, UNICEF Regional Director in Indonesia

Sandra Janoff, PhD, Co-Founder and Director   •   Marvin Weisbord, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus
Michael Donnelly, Deputy Director  •   Danielle Yanelli, Program Manager
Address: 409 Arthurs Round Table, Wynnewood, PA 19096 USA
Phone: +1 610-659-9695    •   Email: fsn@futuresearch.net