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Future Search Network membership is open to anyone who wants to use Future Search principles to benefit society. We welcome members from non-profits, NGO’s, public and private corporations and consultants who share our philosophy of action. Members are eligible for mentoring, data base access, staff assignments and many other benefits. Future Search Network activities are supported by dues, grants, contributors, public workshops and paid projects. You can join by signing the learning and service agreements and paying annual membership dues.

Payment Options

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How to become a Member of Future Search Network

There are two steps in joining Future Search Network and ensuring that Future Search principles and practice thrive in the world.  First is paying the annual dues of US$200. Students and retired seniors can join for US$150. Click Join. However, if the fee is prohibitive, we want you to join for whatever you can afford. Please contact Danielle at fsn@futuresearch.net and she will accommodate your need and process your membership.  Don’t forget to submit the form on the right.

Your second step is agreeing to our Learning and Services Agreement, stated below. Learning means gaining firsthand experience with the Future Search principles and methodology and applying them with integrity. Service means applying what you are learning in the communities for what people can afford and sharing what you are learning in your work with the Future Search Network community.  This will ensure that we are all connected and making the world a more healthy and humane place to live and work. We can change the world one meeting at a time!

Become a Supporter of the Network – Even if you do not facilitate Future Searches, you can help bring this work to communities that need it. We will keep you connected through our listserv and Learning Exchanges.

Learning Agreement

Learn the principles of Future Search and the minimum conditions for success in ONE of three ways:

1. Attend Managing a Future Search – A Leadership Workshop

2. Participate in a local pro bono internship.

3. Partner with an experienced Future Search Network member as a sponsor or co-facilitator.

Service Agreement

Serve your community (local or FSN) with a self-managed project such as those below or one you create:

  • Co-facilitate a pro-bono or low-fee Future Search and share what you learn in a brief report for the website.
  • Document or assist with logistics at a Future Search.
  • Organize an orientation meeting for potential clients.
  • Serve as a mentor.
  • Research Future Search outcomes to share on the website.
  • Contribute your stories to the website. 
  • Add to the Future Search data base.
  • Join or start a local Network group.
  • Increase the Network’s visibility through writing articles or presenting at conferences.
  • Share your questions, thoughts, learnings, stories, roadblocks, joys and possibilities.

If you are not a professional facilitator, you may still sponsor a conference in your community. We will help you find competent folks who will work with you in return for a chance to practice their skills and to serve the community.

We urge organizations using Future Search methods to contribute to the Future Search Network with an annual gift, or to support our local, pro bono efforts with conference grants, facilitator training, meeting space and logistics help.

Tax Deductible Status

We urge members to make and seek tax-deductible gifts to Future Search Network. Future Search Network is a  Future Search Network is a 501 (C) 3 corporation.

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  • Confirmation that your contact information has been added to our directory and data base.

Membership dues are currently US$200 a year or USD150 for students and retired seniors. Anything you submit through this part of the website is encrypted by our secure server to ensure the information is transferred safely. Please allow 5 – 10 business days to process credit cards. Resources for Human Development, Inc. will be the payee on your statement.

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