Mentoring in Future Search practices is an important Member benefit of Future Search Network. Many members fulfill their service commitments by helping others apply Future Search principles. FSN is committed to helping you figure out what kind of information, training and support you need to be an active member.

We see mutual support as key to sharing our resources and helping each other learn, grow and contribute to society. Helping you gain Future Search experience is our main goal of mentoring.

Depending on mutual interest and opportunity, you may:

  • Partner to organize a Future Search orientation meeting for leaders in your community.
  • Join with a mentor to help an interested organization assess their readiness for Future Search.
  • Participate as an intern, logistics helper or documenter in an upcoming Future Search conference.
  • Receive coaching and consulting for a project in which you already are involved.

Mentoring has various meanings. Some Future Search Network mentoring may look like “coaching” and some like “teaching,” but the goal of all mentoring pairs is to help both partners succeed. The FSN mentoring program connects mentors and proteges. If you wish to participate, we will put you in touch with experienced volunteer mentors.

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