Is there a Future Search in your future?

Did you know that…

  • Hundreds of communities and organizations have achieved a shared vision and committed action from diverse stakeholders in a single Future Search?
  • People worldwide have found common ground in Future Search despite differences of ability, age, education, ethnicity, function, gender, hierarchy and language?
  • When given simple guidelines large groups can manage their own planning with little active facilitation?
  • Focusing on a shared future provides more incentive for action than listing problems or conflicts?
  • Having everyone create a joint picture of the world leads to everyone improving the whole in ways they had not thought possible?
  • Getting the right people in the room for 16 hours or more is the key to success in Future Search?
  • More action and follow-up have come from a few days of Future Search than from dozens of smaller meetings over months or years?
  • Most people find these statements hard to believe until they experience Future Search?

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