Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this face-to-face workshop will not be offered until it is safe to do so, perhaps sometime at the end of 2021 0r the beginning of 2022. 

Lead More, Control Less – a Master Class in Leading Meetings That Matter

 This seminar, based on the latest book by Marv Weisbord & Sandra Janoff, PhD, titled, “Lead More, Control Less: Eight Advanced Leadership Skills that Overturn Convention“, is for professionals in Community, Organization and Personal Development who want to take a deeper plunge into managing meetings and managing yourselves.

We will explore the realms of practice beyond traditional models, methods and techniques. We will go more deeply into personal and structural issues for leading interactive meetings. Using real issues, we will discover the essentials of controlling what you can and letting go of what you can’t control.

Together we will learn more about applying principles for meaningful, energizing meetings. This is another opportunity to change the paradigm that breeds time-wasting meetings to one that promotes holistic, productive meetings. You will learn from yourself, from each other, and from Sandra Janoff, while discovering new possibilities, alternative strategies and new ways to support groups effectively.

Continuing Education (CE) credits are available for this workshop. 

DATE and LOCATION:  TBD in Philadelphia, PA USA


Workshop agenda includes:

  • Control Structure, Not People – Leading Organizations, Teams, Task Forces, and Committees
  • Let Everybody Be Responsible – Sharing Risk, Increasing Initiative
  • Welcome Anxiety – Managing Tension, Managing Yourself
  • Disrupt Fight or Flight – Subgrouping as a Leadership Art
  • Encounter the “Whole Elephant” – Acting Decisively With Full Knowledge
  • Include the Right People – Doing It Now, Doing It Fast
  • Surface Unspoken Agreements – Finding Common Ground When You Least Expect It
  • Avoid “Taking It Personally” – Stepping up to Authority Projections 

Bring your experiences, cases, questions, theories, and models.

  •  Help us apply a time-honored method of inquiry and learning to the dilemmas of a new world.
  •  Discover your own timeless wisdom and the wisdom of the whole, plus more.
  •  Experience first-hand the power of putting your trust in the collective intelligence of the group. 

TUITION: Save up to $700!  Register EARLY for discounts! The tuition fee of $990.00 includes a copy of the latest book, “Lead More, Control Less – 8 Advanced Leadership Skills That Overturn Convention“, workshop materials, lunch and breaks.  

If you work full-time for a 501-(C)3 non-profit and cannot afford workshop costs, you may qualify for reduced tuition. Contact Future Search Network. – +1 215 951 0328, +1 800 951 6333,

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