Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!
Leading Meetings that Matter



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Preparation information:

  • Purchase a copy of Weisbord and Janoff, Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! Ten Principles for Leading Meetings that Matter  (Berrett-Koehler, 2007). It is available on Kindle, Audible, Paperback, new and used.
  • We will be working on Zoom. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, please contact us.
  • You will get a Workbook and Handouts prior to the workshop.
  • We will be forming Application Groups. They will be organized as small groups of 3-4 people. The purpose of an Application Group is to get together between sessions to deepen learning and prepare for next session. You will be offered a structured task to facilitate your learning. You will be making a commitment to prioritize this. Brigit Olsen, Ph.D., will be getting in touch with you to arrange the groups.