Future Search in Virtual Space®

Online Training Workshop

A Leadership Workshop 

Five 5.5-Hour Sessions
June 2022, Dates to be Announced


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We know that the principal of “everybody improving whole systems” is transformative. There is so much brokenness in the world today. We are energized about our readiness to respond, enabling people to cross boundaries and address seemingly intractable problems. FSVS offers the opportunity for more of us around the planet to participate in the battle against complex social, economic and technical issues. Imagine taking on these problems while cutting back on our carbon footprint. FSVS provides your sponsor a robust, secure process that works and your participants an online tool they can easily use, with no need to be a trained techie.

Future Search in Virtual Space Bluescape Wall

Future Search in Virtual Space Pricing

The Plan
US$ 3800, FSN Members - US$ 3600
Future Search in Vitrual Space Certification
Complete Training with all support materials(Agendas,Workbook, Guides, single consultant access to Bluescape for practice and demonstrations for one year.)
Free Bluescape platform access and support for participants in virtual meetings with 8 hours of technical support for each for one year.
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Discount Available: Reduced fees if you work for a non-profit.
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Play video for demonstration of the Virtual Wall

Register now  and you will receive:

  • Certification as a Future Search in Virtual Space (FSVS)® Consultant.
  • Step-by-step FSVS manual for planning.  
  • Step-by-step FSVS manual for facilitation.
  • Step-by-step support for onboarding participants.
  • One year access to the FSVS Future Search Template on the Bluescape® platform, to practice and show potential clients. 
  • Workshop materials.
  • Community of FSVS practitioners.
  • Reduced Fees: If you work full-time for a registered non-profit.
  • Participant access to Bluescape and technical support for a charge for each virtual meeting. (Click here for details)
  • Access to your own unique Bluescape workspace with Future Search template that is valid for up to three Future Searches that you undertake in the year.  
  • No separate user fees for your sponsor and participants.
  • FSVS user support.
  •  Contact  
Dates and Times: All times are ET – East Coast U.S. Time
27.5 hours over five consecutive days,5.5 hours each day:
June, 2022, Dates to be announced


Registration :
US$ 3800
Future Search Network Members – US$ 3600

For questions about registration, contact Danielle Yanelli, Program Manager

For questions about content, contact Sandra Janoff, or +1 610 909 0640.

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Discount Available: Reduced fees if you work for a non-profit.
Contact us: