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Large Scale Projects

Large Scale ProjectsF uture Search Network has the unique capability to help plan and manage interactive, large group events involving hundreds or even thousands of people. We employ principles and techniques appropriate to each meeting's purpose. We can recruit dozens of dedicated facilitators worldwide on short notice.

Because our members subscribe to a shared set of values and principles, they find it easy to cooperate with each other and with sponsors. Many members have years of experience with strategies for involving large numbers of people.

Some Examples:

Austin Community College, Austin, TX
Five campus future searches plus capstone conference involved more than 300 people in developing a strategic plan.

The President's Summit on Volunteerism, Philadelphia, PA (Chaired by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell)
28 FSN facilitators worked with 2,000 participants to develop local action plans for mentoring local youth.

Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA
Three simultaneous future searches for 200 people on community health initiatives, planned and staffed by 8 FSN members in partnership with CDC staff trained in future search.

Public School District, Carson City, NV
11 future searches in 8 schools over a 10 week period. The district created a "bottoms-up" strategic plan in which 1,000 people particpated. FSN provided conference coordination and 24 trained facilitators.

Episcopal Diocese of Newark, NJ
12 groups, 32 facilitators helping 600 people develop a shared vision of the future.

Regional Planning in Indonesia
UNICEF sponsored project to develop district-level future search capacity. Network team trained 40 facilitators in Jakarta and then went to Makassar, Surabaya and Irian Jaya to support local future searches and mentor newly trained facilitators.

A search for world class communities - Berrien County, Southwest Michigan, 2002
The Council for World Class Communities invited a group of 30 Future Search Network members to facilitate a series of eight future searches in Berrien County Michigan. The work was part of a larger project to heal the wounds and tensions between the communities of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor while engaging communities in the whole region in implementing a shared future for the region. The theme for the project was: "Creating a set of interdependent world-class communities where diversity and inclusion are the foundation, and no one will be left behind."

This work will be followed up in the spring of 2003 with 2 future search conferences for youth in this region.






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