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Become an advocate for more inclusive and sustainable planning around the world. Help bring future search to people who need planning help and have few resources. We have removed economic barriers to joining FSN. For those who can afford it, the annual dues remain $125 a year. All others may set their own fee at whatever level they can afford.

Local Community Future Search Training with FSN Assistance

Future Search Network supports local efforts to orient and train people to run future searches in their own public and non-profit sectors. If you would like to make a big difference in the life of your community, we will help you organize a local Future Search Network initiative involving up to 20 organizations at once. We train consultants and client organizations together in a 3-day workshop preparing them to run their own future searches and follow-up meetings.

Local Network initiatives have been organized in Philadelphia, PA, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Seattle, WA, Toronto and Ottawa, ONT, Canada, Orange County, CA, Denver, CO, Stockholm, Sweden and Frankfurt, Germany. Hundreds of future searches have resulted on a wide range of community issues.

Consultants agree to facilitate two future searches pro bono. Client representatives and consultants attend the workshop together, maximizing their chances for success. Consultants work in pairs. Mentors are available. Costs, including camera-ready workshop materials for a 64-person group average $350-$400 per person (in comparison to $1200 for public workshops). Workshops are funded by local grants and/or cost-sharing by consultants and clients.

If you have a potential public or non-profit client for future search, an experienced FSN member will mentor you and, at your discretion, be your co-facilitator as you learn the process.

If you would like to introduce many organizations to future search as a way of finding potential clients, FSN will support you in running an orientation meeting of two to four hours in your community. We will provide an appropriate meeting design, hand-outs and videos.

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For information, contact Sally Theilacker, 1-800 951-6333, or fsn@futuresearch.net.






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