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Report from Sandra Janoff and Shem Cohen

On June 24, fifteen Future Search network members gathered for the first "mini-LE".  It worked! After introductions, we dove into a conversation about how local Future Search Networks can generate future search activity.  This group supported the phone-gathering idea and we're going to try it for six months.

The topic for June was: How to get a local network going and how to sustain it?

The participants were:

Sandra Janoff (PA)
Marv Weisbord (PA)
Orrin Judd (NJ)
Ed Bontempo (D.C.)
Mark Holleran. (NJ)
Steve Ryden (NJ)
Susan Coleman (NY)
Elayne Scott (CA)
Bob Woodruff. (WA)
Rick Lent (MA)
Nancy Aronson (PA)
Ellen Raboin (CA)
Claudia Chowaniac (Ottawa, CA)
Ralph Copelman (NJ)
Shem Cohen (NY)

Click here for a detailed report on the conversation...

Click here for dates and instructions for joining future "mini-LEs"...

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