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The following was forwarded to the Future Search Network by  Jacquie Shillis, a Network member in Cedar Creek, Texas.  It is an example of the often invisible, but significant, "system-level" impacts so often resulting from a future search.  On March 2-4, Marv Weisbord and Sandra Janoff facilitated the FAA in a future search including the heads of major airlines, key officials in the FAA and other stakeholders in the air transportation system.  What came out of this conference was a commitment to overcome competitive instincts and work together to avoid the major delays they could see coming this summer.  To read the more, click here >>

Jacquie writes...

An article by Leslie Miller (Associated Press) about flight delays ran in the business section of our local newspaper on July 15.  The following three paragraphs toward the end jumped out at me, having read Marv and Sandra's wonderful account of the FS they led with the Federal Aviation Administration a while back.  This is no ripple ... it's a wave!

"...The FAA has taken steps to minimize delays. New computer programs let pilots fly more direct routes and enable controllers to track the paths of thunderstorms so planes can be rerouted rather than delay takeoffs until a storm has passed.

Air traffic controllers also are holding some planes on the ground longer if they're headed toward crowded airports. That way, backed-up planes can get into the air more quickly when the weather clears because the space over the airport is less crowded.

Martin said the change disperses small delays throughout the aviation system instead of creating substantial delays at one airport."

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