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A New Year's testimonial for Future Search

Sharad Sapra, former Head of Operation Lifeline Sudan/UNICEF and staff initiator for a UNICEF sponsored  future search addressing the lost generation of Sudanese children due to the war, offered this thought for the new year in an email to Sandra Janoff, Future Search Network co-director:

"...the best new year gift had to do with the conference you facilitated in
Sudan on the future for children which created a vision of Peace in
2005...yesterday the final Protocol was signed. the formal ceremony is on
9th jan...that vision and the demobilization conference that took place next
sent a lot of ripples out with 2005 as a goal for Peace between the
north and south."

Sapra was referring to a future search on the children of Sudan held in November, 1999, in Nairobi, Kenya because it was felt that Sudan was not a safe enough place to hold the conference.  The future search was sponsored by UNICEF and called Operation Lifeline.  It brought together 40 Sudanese children, ages 13-17 (accompanied by their teachers), in their own future search followed by a future search that combined Sudanese adults and children to address  the crisis of losing a generation of children in Sudan to the turmoil of a brutal  civil war.  Most of the children involved had suffered displacement and separation from their families  as a result of the war, and some even fought in the war.

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