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Methodist Minister Finds "Future Search was a great success and it was just the beginning..."

"Future Search was a great success and it was just the beginning..."

These are the words of minister Faith Whitmore of St. Marks Methodist Church in Sacramento, California reporting to her congregation on a future search attended by over 100 members of her congreagation on February 11-13, 2005. 

Ms. Whitmore wrote about the future search in the twice monthly St. Marks newsletter, "Markings."   One of the pastors normally writes a half page column each issue.  This issue the pastor's article is two pages long and on the subject of Future Search.  Acoording to Ms. Whitmore, staff meetings have become newly energized and the congreagation joined in ongoing teams focused on implementing the projects identified at the future search.

Because of the size of the group attending the future search, the conference was held partly as two parallel conferences that also met together for parts of the future search.  This is an extension of the future search model that makes it able to adjust for greater attendance.

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