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Videos from Forty-Five Conferences Reviewed

Many sponsors choose to create a videotape record of their future search conferences.  There are probably hundreds of conferences for which raw footage has been preserved.  Only a handful have been edited into more organized video presentations. 

The Future Search Network has collected raw footage from 45 conferences.  Jane Weiss, of Philadelphia PA volunteered to catalogue the future search videos we've collected over the years. Her aim was to watch all the videos, assess visual and information quality so we could get permission to reproduce the ones that are good, get the masters to copy and then make them available to the members. Jane has reviewed the raw footage from more than 33 of the 45 future searches for which we have video records.  Because Jane now has a new more demanding job, she has handed the project over to Rachel Antrobus, Anaheim CA who will continue her work.

Anyone who is interested in assisting with this project or otherwise wants information about it can contact Sally Theilacker at: fsn@futuresearch.net.

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