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Update to Tanzanian Orphan's Project that grew out of a Community Future Search

Here is a picture of the beginnings of an orphan's center building project that grew out of a future search that Barry Childs and Kenoli Oleari conducted in Idwelli, Tanzania in the fall of 2002.  This is the chief of the village with Furaha , one of the translators for the future search standing in front of 10,000 hand made bricks, each made one by one with the one hand powered machine the village owns.  The future search was conducted in Swahili.  A singular feature of the future search was that it involved two future searches, the first for youth, including youth as young as 6 years old, and the second the entire village.

The bricks will build an orphan's center for Idwelli which will include health and other services for the entire village.  Barry's project, Africa Bridge, Kenoli's Project Global Horizons and Furaha's Project Idwelli's Children have all contributed to this project.  The village of Idwelli has provide much of the labor and materials.

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