Future Search The Method

Philosophy of Facilitating

Future Search facilitators believe that:

Every person and every group is doing the best they can with what they have every minute of every day.

People do only what they are ready, willing and able to do.

People need not change their own minds or anyone else's for a group to discover its common ground and potential for action.

A Theory of Facilitating

The facilitator's task is to keep the group whole and working together, not to fix problems, resolve differences, or motivate action.

Groups stay whole and develop greater capacity when they (a) discover their real differences in belief, skill, and function, and (b) integrate their capabilities for a common purpose.

Groups tend to fragment around differences, whether real or imagined. The facilitator's job is make sure no person becomes a scapegoat due to a personal trait, feeling, or point of view.

Facilitators are responsible for boundaries of time and task, not for content, analysis, direction, interpretation, meaning, or synthesis.

See Also: Facilitating the Whole System in the Room, an advanced seminar for experienced facilitators.





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