Future Search The Method

Planning a Future Search

Nearly always a steering committee of key people plans the future search. They should be people who, together, can get everyone else to the meeting.

Their key decisions are two:

  1. selecting the task, and

  2. selecting the right stakeholders FOR THAT TASK.

The goal is to assemble a group that has whatever it needs to take next action steps without asking permission from anyone who is not present.

Planning Meetings

Planning may take one meeting or several. The planners must also address the schedule, invitations, site, documentation, and logistics. Planning meeting agenda items may include:

  • Future search history, theory and principles and/or a video

  • Determining stakes of the planners.

  • Reviewing timeliness and need.

  • Selecting a conference task.

  • Reviewing the methodology

  • Selecting stakeholders.

  • Time frames - how far backward or forward?

  • Invitees and how to reach them.

  • Determine future scenario (What to include)

  • Documenting and communicating results

  • Expectations for action planning

  • Worksheets and other materials

  • Site, schedule, food and lodging, transportation.

Future Search Network members stand ready to answer your planning questions. Contact the Future Search Network if you'd like to schedule a telephone conversation about a particular conference.






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