Learning Exchange

Members of the Future Search Network from around the world gather periodically for a face-to-face, 2-day celebration.

This special event is a unique opportunity for each member to:

  • meet other Future Search practitioners and advocates and hear their stories,
  • share their experience of Future Search and exchange ideas,
  • learn about what we are doing as a Network around the world,
  • reflect on who we are touching through our work,
  • explore how people are using the principles and philosophy of FS in meetings of all shapes and sizes, every day,
  • re‐energize their practice and have fun!

Who is it for?

The Network Learning Exchange is for anyone who is interested in applying FS principles in their work and their lives, not only for those who regularly lead Future Searches. Whether people have experience of many Future Searches – or are still trying to get their first one off the ground – the Learning Exchange is for them. People may even pick up the advice and support they need to help you create your first Future Search. Specifically, The Learning Exchange is open to members of the FS Network and to practitioners working with the principles of Future Search across other large scale, whole systems approaches to change.

Where is it being held?

Since 1995, The Learning Exchange has been held in many different locations. Past events have been in Northern Ireland, Germany, United States, and Sweden.

How much does it cost?

The fee reflects the direct costs of facilities and related expenses for holding the Learning Exchange.

The Learning Exchange is usually held in conjunction with the Workshops – Managing a Future Search and Lead More, Control Less – and many participants stay for both events.

A Learning Exchanges from the past

» 2011 Learning Exchange 
Client Interview, University of Southern Denmark Future Search: Pre-Learning Exchange Questions to Future Search Clients, Sponsors, and Organizers

» 2009 Learning Exchange
Future Search in the Age of Obama – March, 2009 in Mill Valley, CA

» 2006 Learning Exchange
Building Our Capacity to Impact the World-Individually & Collectively
The 10th Annual Learning Exchange – May 4-6, 2006 in Bryn Mawr, PA, USA

» 2005 Learning Exchange
Maximising Our Ability to Bring About Change: Personally, Locally, Globally
June 9-11, 2005 in Derry City, Northern Ireland
» Final Wrap-up on the 2005 Learning Exchange in Ireland

» 2004 Mini-Learning Exchange
How to get a local network going and how to sustain it?
June, 2004 via telephone. Report on the Mini LE

» 2004 Learning Exchange
Applying Future Search Principles to Generate Powerful Action: 10 Years of Learning from Around the World
May 13-14, 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden. Pictures and Report 2004

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