European Refugee Emergency

Low fee or Pro bono consulting help to design and facilitate meetings

The members of Future Search Network want to support organizations that are involved with the refugee emergency in Europe. Our expertise is in working with large, diverse groups on complex issues. We can assist with meeting design and facilitation.

Future Search Network is a collaboration of hundreds of dedicated volunteers worldwide providing Future Search conferences as a public service. Our mission is to help communities everywhere become more open, supportive, equitable and sustainable. We have capacity, and availability to enable dialogue for shared vision and action. We offer this service for whatever people can afford.

Our members are touched by the scale and impact of the people currently in desperate circumstances.  We want to help! We see that government and non-government organisations are starting to consider this a long-term issue. We know that bringing diverse voices together is essential for finding common ground solutions for coordinated action.

Our members volunteer to help guide you through a process based on Future Search principles. We can offer assistance to plan and facilitate meetings in situations:

  • where there are multiple stakeholders trying to find ways to collaborate effectively.
  • where leaders are overwhelmed and require a response that is effective and shared.
  • where there are issues such as integration with public services, managing fearful voices needing to be heard, or coordinating the many offers of assistance from various organisations

Our members are in countries around the world.  We will match your need for assistance with members in or close to your geographic area.

For more information contact

Sandra Janoff, PhD, Director,

Sally Theilacker, Program Manager
Future Search Network
4700 Wissahickon Avenue, Suite 126
Philadelphia, PA 19144
+1 800-951-6333, +1 215-951-0328

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