Is there a Future Search in your future?

We’d like you to know that…

  • Hundreds of communities and organizations have achieved a shared vision and committed action from diverse stakeholders in a single Future Search.
  • People worldwide have found common ground in Future Search despite differences of ability, age, education, ethnicity, function, gender, hierarchy and language.
  • When given simple guidelines large groups can manage their own planning with little active facilitation
  • Focusing on a shared future provides more incentive for action than listing problems or conflicts.
  • Having everyone create a joint picture of the world leads to everyone improving the whole in ways they had not thought possible.
  • Getting the right people in the room for 16 hours or more is the key to success in Future Search.
  • More action and follow-up have come from a few days of Future Search than from dozens of smaller meetings over months or years.
  • Most people find these statements hard to believe until they experience Future Search.

We invite you…

Take a first step by exploring our web site. You will find many examples of how Future Search is used to build trust, commitment, focus, and continuing action everywhere in the world. Here you may discover whether there could be a Future Search in your future.


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